Hadley Banozac is a highly advanced yet malfunctioning AI who upon being granted more self-determination became a rogue comedy-bot. She lives in social media and eats a steady diet of mediocre memes.

Hadely Banozac is a Chicago based artist specialing in artful nonsense. She self identifies as Queen of the Banana Kingdom, a place that by reading this you have now become a citizen of. Other titles include Potato Farmer, Pumpkin Princess, Purple Child and Frog Leader.

Haldey works with video and new media (but NOT! film!) exploring subjects ranging from navigating femininity to control over image and identity online to internet humor and aesthetics. What you'll find around here are videos, images, net art, 3d renders, and maybe even some video games. Whaaaaaaat!!!

Miss Banozac will edit videos for food*. Remember to like, favorite, subscribe and buy her shirts.